Jonas Wood: Yellow and Orange Orchid Clipping Rug

Jonas Wood: Yellow and Orange Orchid Clipping Rug

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Jonas Wood translates the three-dimensional world around him—including domestic interiors, sports figures, and vegetation—into flat color and line, confounding expectations of scale and vantage point. This limited-edition hand-knotted and dyed silk rug, featuring an image of a flowering orchid, is made in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Wood explains, “I like making editions and prints as an extension of my practice. Even though it’s very high end, there’s still some accessibility to it: Instead of just one painting, there are thirty rugs. People live with it and their dog sleeps on it.”

Artist: Jonas Wood
Producer: BravinLee Programs
Date: 2018
Medium: Hand-knotted silk, 150 knots/inch
Dimensions: 66 × 48 inches (167.64 × 122 cm)
Edition: Edition of 30 + 3 AP


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