Douglas Gordon: Self-Portrait of You + Me (Elvis) t-shirt
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Douglas Gordon: Self-Portrait of You + Me (Elvis) T-shirt

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This long-sleeve T-shirt was produced on the occasion of Douglas Gordon: self-portraits of you + me, after the factory at Gagosian, 980 Madison Avenue, New York. It features a reproduction of Gordon’s self-portrait of you + me (Elvis) (2007).

In the self-portrait of you + me series, Gordon burned commercial reproductions of Andy Warhol’s immortalized cultural icons and placed them on mirrored backgrounds, giving them an eerily powerful presence. Gordon’s portraits underscore Warhol’s phenomenal resonance in today’s art world, while capturing the self-reflexive nature of the post-Warholian period.

Producer: lost but found
Year: 2007
Material: 100% cotton
Color: Black
Sizes: Medium, Large


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