Haunted Realism Tetsuya Ishida Poster

Haunted Realism (Tetsuya Ishida)

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This poster featuring Untitled (2003) by Tetsuya Ishida was produced in 2022, in conjunction with Haunted Realism, a group exhibition at Gagosian, Grosvenor Hill, London.

Haunted Realism’s focus is a sense that the aspirations of modernity are now “lost futures”—perceptible only as ghostlike traces of their original formulations. The exhibition examines some of the ways in which artists have approached this condition by confronting the accelerated flow of images in contemporary media culture and the proliferation of “non-places” that we increasingly inhabit. Ishida’s painting features a naked man wearing a baby, spectral images of a family drifting in front of him as a stream of milk pours from the baby's bottle.

Publisher: Gagosian

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 27 1/2 × 19 3/4 inches (70 × 50 cm)

Framed: Sold unframed


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