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Cover of the book James Turrell
Interior spread of the book James Turrell
Interior spread of the book James Turrell
Interior spread of the book James Turrell
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James Turrell

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This book was published on the occasion of James Turrell at Gagosian, Britannia Street, London, the artist’s 2010 debut exhibition at the gallery. In rich color photographs and lucid interpretive texts, it documents works from several of the artist’s series. Pictured and discussed are entries from the Tall Glass series of illuminated glass planes, the immersive installation Bindu Shards (2010) from the Perceptual Cell series, cast-bronze and plaster models of Roden Crater alongside photographs of the monumental project’s Northern Arizona site, projected light environments from the Ganzfeld series, and holograms in which planes of light are manipulated in the same manner as Turrell’s Projection series of the 1960s.

The book also features “Room for Light, Light on Its Own,” an illustrated essay by curator and educator Miwon Kwon that explores Turrell’s approach to the transformation of light into anarchitectonic and corporeal experience.

Publisher: Gagosian

Publication date: 2011

Contributor: Miwon Kwon

Designer: Philippe Apeloig, Paris

Distributor: Rizzoli International Publications, New York

Printer: Shapco Printing, Minneapolis

Format: Cloth hardcover in slipcase

Dimensions: 10 × 12 1/2 inches (25.4 × 31.8 cm)

Pages: 88

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-935263-42-5


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