Ed Ruscha: Mysteries lithograph
Detail of Ed Ruscha: Mysteries lithograph
detail of Ed Ruscha: Mysteries lithograph
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Ed Ruscha: Mysteries

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Ed Ruscha created Mysteries, a color lithograph, in collaboration with the Minneapolis-based workshop Vermillion Editions Limited in 2021. It is based on a large oil-on-canvas painting from 1987.

Mysteries can be major (“Why do we exist?”) or minor (“Where the heck did I put my car keys?”). In Ruscha’s print, four instances of the word “mysteries” are superimposed one over the other in multiple registers of scale and color against a shadowy crimson ground. Receding or advancing, the overlaid texts create a visual pulse that imbues the work with both a three-dimensional and a cinematic feel, as if marking a flash in time.

Artist: Ed Ruscha

Producer: Vermillion Editions Limited

Date: 2021

Medium: Lithograph on paper

Dimensions: 30 3/4 × 30 inches (78.1 × 76.2 cm)

Edition: Edition 15/75 + 15 AP

Signed: Signed, dated, and numbered on recto

Framed: Sold unframed


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